Looking for Humanity in Data

Data isn't only a story of numbers … or information … or insight. We forget, it is also about the people who interpret that data. Looking for Humanity in Data seeks to explain the ways in which behavioral data represents the mind and emotions of those who generate it. We do this by engaging with data science specialists and practitioners in this space. Our purpose is to translate from the scientific to the every day impact of technology on the individual. We'll discuss topics about information collection, privacy and governance, increased contextualization and what is at stake for everyone.
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Jun 18, 2018


Welcome Kerry Liu, Founder of Rubikloud, and Kanchana Padmanabhan, Manager of Data Science. It was about a decade ago that this idea of Omnichannel began to take hold. Traditional retailers saw it as a "concept" as their predominantly bricks and mortars presence continued to be the focus channel to serve their customers. Fast forward to 2018 and Machine Learning is bringing this concept into fruition.

I had the pleasure of meeting with CEO Kerry Liu and Manager of Data Science, Kanchana Padmanabhan of Rubikloud, a Toronto-based software company that has come the closest to delivering on this promise today.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The beginnings of Rubikloud
  • The fragmentation of retail today and the challenge to succeed by harmonizing customer experiences from all chanels
  • Data and GDPR challenges
  • The future of retail