Looking for Humanity in Data

Data isn't only a story of numbers … or information … or insight. We forget, it is also about the people who interpret that data. Looking for Humanity in Data seeks to explain the ways in which behavioral data represents the mind and emotions of those who generate it. We do this by engaging with data science specialists and practitioners in this space. Our purpose is to translate from the scientific to the every day impact of technology on the individual. We'll discuss topics about information collection, privacy and governance, increased contextualization and what is at stake for everyone.
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Feb 17, 2016

David Lebow

Welcome David Lebow, inventor and CEO of HyLighter.

David received his PhD in Instructional Systems Design from FSU in 1995 and has won several national awards for his work in the area of computer-enhanced collaborative learning environments. His current interest is on the future of Social Machines. David is currently developing a Sense-making-as-a-Service business for open data.

In this episode, David talks about:

  • Hylighter's view of sensemaking and the notion of intertexuality
  • comparison of the evolving machine age(s)
  • social machines and impact on man and future of jobs
  • the building of Hylighter from its serendipitous roots and its evolution
  • Hylighter, collaboration and the future of education